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Temple (Netherlands)

Temple (Netherlands)

TEMPLE, the most uncompromising death metal project from the Netherlands.
A.J. van Drenth, guitars and vocals, composer of both music and lyrics started TEMPLE with Eric de Windt, high energy blast beat drums creating uncompromising brutal death metal with a sinister atmosphere. A.J. and Eric, the constructors of TEMPLE recorded the album “Structures in Chaos”, assisted by some well-known Dutch metal musicians; Michiel Dekker (The Monolith Deathcult) – Bass and Stephan Gebedi (Hail of Bullets) - horrifying screams. The great long blond haired vox Marloes (Izegrim) did some amazing "black metal witch vokills” on the tracks "The Algol Planet" and "Rituals of Marduk".
A lyrical concept dedicated to universal chaos, and those who walked the earth once before, the Gods and Architects of all. Experience a journey through twisted corridors with the sound of TEMPLE from their walls. TEMPLE did one live show, the famous and insane Stonehenge Fest 2013 in The Netherlands. A great response for a first time appearance. The show and rehearsals where assisted by Jessica (Dictated) on guitar, former Sinister bass player Bas van den Bogaard and with vocals from out of space, Kevin, the alien of new Dutch promising band Apophys. There are no more TEMPLE shows planned so far, due concentration on next recordings. Bas is next to Eric and A.J. the 3rd bass sound on the upcoming album.
A new TEMPLE record is in creation status. A.J. withdraw himself for some time to Slaughterville to write, arrange and create a complete new full album. Musically you'll find some influences of black metal through epic technical and above all, the most relentless, uncompromising Death Metal the TEMPLE way!
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